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Bonaire Tax

The Tourism Tax for the Visitors to the Caribbean Island of Bonaire 

Bonaire Tax

The Tourism Tax for the Visitors to the Caribbean Island of Bonaire 

As of July 1, 2022, international visitors to the southern Caribbean Island of Bonaire will be required to pay the Newly Instated Tourism Tax. The tax will apply to all non-residents.
The Mandatory tax is payable once off and is valid for the duration of the visit. The Tourism Tax applies to all non-resident visitors whether traveling for pleasure, business, health, or other reasons.
Streamlining the collection of this new entry tax will benefit efforts to maintain the island’s infrastructure, tourism, education, and environment.
January 2023 will also see the implementation of a cruise ship passenger tourist entry tax of $10. This will be payable by every cruise passenger and collected by the cruise lines.



3 Easy Steps to Secure Your Bonaire Tax Receipt:

  • Complete our Application Form
  • Add your names, birthdate, date of arrival
  • Add members from your travel group who also need their own Bonaire Tax
  • Add the necessary information linked to your travel to Bonaire
  • Pay your Bonaire Tax using our secure platform
  • You can pay with credit card or via your Paypal account
  • Get a 100% refund in case your Bonaire Tax is denied
  • Receive your unique QR Code along with the payment confirmation by email in just an hour
  • Keep the QR Code among your travel documents to present it upon arrival
  • REMEMBER: Obtain your Bonaire Tax QR Code at least a week earlier to avoid queuing at the ports of entry

Bonaire Tax Explained

The Bonaire Entry Tax or Tourist tax targets tourists only, with a view to generating revenue. The purpose of the Entry Tax is to both reduce the proven scars of over-tourism and to partially alleviate the tax burden on the island’s residents.

Bonaire’s Tourism Tax simply replaces those charges formerly in place in the form of the island’s Room Tax and Rental Car Tax. Visitors will therefore not be paying more than they have in the past.

Who should pay the new tourism tax?

  • All visitors from any foreign country to the island of Bonaire, regardless of age
  • Visitors traveling to Bonaire for any purpose, including tourism, recreation, business, health, or education
  • Travelers in transit and transfer passengers

Validity of the Bonaire Tourism Tax

  • Each QR Code is valid for a single entry. Visitors are required to make a payment for every visit and for each person visiting the island.
  • A paid visitor entry tax is valid for 1 year, provided it has never been used for entry.

Period of Stay

International visitors may stay on Bonaire for up to 90 consecutive days (3 months) within a 180-day (6-month) period.

Delivery time

Confirmation is emailed to your email address provided immediately after successful payment. You can also download your confirmation from the site immediately after payment.


  • All visitors pay USD 124$ – the service fee does includes the USD 75$ Bonaire government entry tax..
  • Effective January 2023, cruise lines will collect a cruise ship passenger tourist entry tax of $10.

Application Form

Although you can pay the Bonaire Tax on place, upon arrival, it is highly recommender to do it in advance to avoid queuing at the port of entries and potential technical problems with the vending kiosques.

Bonaire tax qr


Purpose of trip

Vacation, business, education, transit


Valid for 90 days (three months) in a frame of  180 days (six months).

Present your Bonaire Tax

Show your Bonaire Tax upon arrival. Pay in advance and keep the QR code among your documents.

Delivery time

You will receive your personal QR code by email within an hour upon successful payment.


USD 124$ / Bonaire Tax. The tax includes the government fee of USD 75$. Each traveler needs their unique QR Code.

Application form

Apply online here




Who Should pay the new Bonaire Tourism Tax?

Bonaire’s tourism tax is applicable to every foreign visitor who is not a resident of Bonaire with effect from 1 July 2022. It applies to those who intend to visit the island for the purpose of tourism, business, health, education, and any other reason.

How long does it take to complete the online application?

It should not take longer than five to ten minutes to complete the application and the payment process online. Have your valid passport on hand as well as a credit card, and provide your personal details and an E-mail address.

How long does it take to receive the payment confirmation and QR Code?

As soon as we receive your payment, we will proceed to sending the barcoded confirmation at the email address provided on the application form. Please, check the Junk/Bulk folder of your email address in case the email has landed there.

Must I print out a copy of the QR code?

Technology is not infallible, and it is always recommended that a hard copy of the payment confirmation be included with your travel documents. Bear in mind that when traveling with other people, each traveler is required to present proof of payment at the airport on arrival. Hard copies on hand and easily accessible may make this easier.

Can I purchase the VET far in advance of my trip to Bonaire?

You can pay for the entry tax up to one week before your intended travel date, and even on the same day you are traveling. It is best to pay the VET as close to your travel dates as possible to avoid disappointment related to the non-refund policy should your plans change.

What are the types of payment methods available at Bonaire Airport to pay for the VET on arrival?

Payment of the Visitor Entry Tax can be made at the Kiosk at Bonaire Airport using a debit card, credit card, or maestro. Discover Card is NOT accepted. Remember to visit your bank before departure to have your bank debit card and/or maestro card open for use internationally or only in the specific countries selected.

If I have visited Bonaire before and not paid the tax, do I have to pay the Tourism Tax now?

Bonaire’s Tourism Tax does away with the island’s ‘room tax’ and rental ‘car tax’ collected in the past through service providers to the tourism trade. As of July 1st, 2022 all visitors to Bonaire must pay the new entry tax.

Is the Tourist Visitor Entry tax a one-time tax?

The Visitor Entry Tax is mandatory for every person visiting Bonaire and is required for each and every visit/entry.

How do I complete the application form if I have booked a one-way trip to Bonaire?

You cannot proceed without booking a round trip and therefore including a return date. If you do not have a definite return date, you should put down a date that complies with the allowed maximum stay for your country or visa.

Must I complete the online application if I am a student receiving BES financing?

Yes. Select the BES designation at the start of the online application and complete the form specifically for BES students.

Do I need to fill in the form if I will be in transit at Bonaire airport?

Yes, all transit or transfer passengers are required to complete the form online.

The QR code was not sent to my email address. What can I do about getting this confirmation?

Check your spam folder if you do not see your visitor entry tax QR Code in the inbox of the e-mail address you provided on the application. Do not worry if it is not there. Our dedicated Customer Support Team is here to help! Please, use the Bonaire Tax contact form and let us know what you need. In case of a lost QR Code, we are ready to resend it to you.

I am traveling to Bonaire in a group. Do I have to produce a QR Code on arrival if my Visitor entry tax was paid beforehand on my behalf by the tour operator?

Yes. When you arrive at Bonaire airport, you have to show the official at security your personal QR code, either in digital form or as a printed document.

Can each traveler pay the VET separately when booking for a group?

No. When you add all the travelers to one form, payment must be done in full as a single transaction. The first person listed on the application form is presumed to be the one making the payment on behalf of all the travelers listed. The same applies when making the payment on arrival at the Kiosk. All the QR code documents will be emailed to the Email address provided, too.

Do I have to pay the visitor entry tax if I am not a resident of Bonaire and I do not live on the island, but I am an employee at the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland?

Yes. You must pay the Visitor Entry Tax as a non-resident of Bonaire.

I am not a resident of Bonaire but I do own a house on the island, do I still have to pay the entry tax?

Yes. All non-residents who are visiting Bonaire must pay the Visitor Entry Tax.

Do tourists and visitors still pay room tax?

No. The entry tax takes the place of the room tax, which is therefore no longer applied with effect from 1 July 2022.

Does the Bonaire Tax now also include the Nature fee?

No, the Entry Tax does not include the Nature Fee. Payment of the Nature Fee is still a separate requirement for all non-residents and visitors who wish to Scuba dive or take advantage of any of the activities provided by Bonaire’s Marine Park.

Can I get a refund of the room tax and/or car rental tax that I paid after 1 July 2022?

Yes. Approach the hotel or car rental company for a refund if you paid the ‘room tax’ or rental ‘car tax’ after July 1st, 2022.

If I am immigrating to Bonaire, must I pay the VET?

Qualifying proof of residence for travelers in the process of migrating to Bonaire is the resident permit stamp of the Country’s Immigration (IND) in the passport. No other documentation will suffice as proof of residence to qualify for exemption from the tax.

How can I prove that I am a resident of Bonaire and not expected to pay the non-resident Visitor Entry Tax?

If you have a valid Bonaire I.D. (sedula), Bonaire residents can present this upon arrival at the Bonaire International Airport (Flamingo Airport) when traveling back to Bonaire. Travelers can also present tangible proof of a sedula in process.

Am I expected to pay the visitor entry tax (VET) if I sail into Bonaire on my own yacht?

Yes. Payment of the VET is mandatory if you are not a resident of Bonaire. You can complete the online application and make payment before arriving on the island. Please go to the website if you need any information regarding the application process or the payment options.

Do holders of a Diplomatic Passport have to pay the Visitor Entry Tax (VET)?

Yes. All international visitors must pay the VET. The ordinance does not allow exemptions to the visitor entry tax that is payable by all international visitors who are not residents of the island of Bonaire.

Do I need to adhere to any COVID-19-related travel requirements to visit Bonaire?

No. Bonaire has no Covid specific requirements at the moment. It is suggested that you check for updates immediately before making plans to travel in case the requirements change over time.

Can I contact customer support if I need help?

Yes, Customer support is available 24/7. Our customer support can help you with any questions you might have. If you need help with filling in the online application, making payment, receiving the barcoded confirmation, or even if you have lost your payment confirmation, we are on hand to help.

Keep in Mind: Every foreign visitor to Bonaire is subject to The Visitor Entry Tax or state tourism tax. Only residents of Bonaire are exempt from paying it. Applicants will receive a QR Code to present to authorities at the ports of entry.

The online payment form takes only a few minutes to fill in and is easy to complete. You will be required to include your name, date of birth, country of residence, gender, valid e-mail address, and whether traveling by air or sea. Successful applicants will be emailed a QR Code with the confirmation of payment.